7:00 pm - Fri, Sep 19, 2014
FoxesLet It Go For Tonight (High Contrast Remix)
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Let It Go For Tonight - Foxes (High Contrast Remix)

6:00 pm
Sam SmithStay With Me (Shy FX Remix)
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Stay With Me- Sam Smith (Shy FX Remix)

5:00 pm
Fleetwood MacCaroline (DJ Rick Mitchell Bland House Mix)
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Caroline - Fleetwood Mac (DJ Rick Mitchell Bland House Mix)

10:00 am
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This is Kuvo, I am getting him Friday the 19th


This is Kuvo, I am getting him Friday the 19th

11:00 pm - Thu, Sep 18, 2014
911All I Want Is You
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All I Want Is You - 911 (1998)

10:00 pm
Lyte Funkie OnesSummer Girls
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Summer Girls - Lyte Funkie Ones (1999)

9:00 pm
UltraSay It Once
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Say It Once - Ultra (1998)

Ultra was an English male pop band formed in the mid-1990s composed of James Hearn (vocals), Michael Harwood (guitar), Nick Keynes (bass) and Jon O’Mahony (drums).  At the time of their group’s existence, boybands such as Boyzone, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync are ruling the charts causing them to be mistaken as a manufactured boy band.  In 1998, they released their first single, Say You Do, which reached #11 in the UK charts.  The follow-up single is this song Say It Once which reached #16.  Before the recording of their second album, the band lost their record contract as all of the A&R who signed them up left the record label.  Eventually, the band called it a day on 2001 after vocalist James Hearn left the band due to disillusionment with the music business.

8:00 pm
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Code RedIs There Someone Out There
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Is There Someone Out There - Code Red (1997)

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